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This disclaimer covers all websites and domains owned and in use by AMISET companies.
The information is to be viewed as general information. AMISET is not liable for any programming, design or written data that may cause misunderstanding. The user understands that for health and health related issues they need to ask for personal advice from a local licensed expert.

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INFORMATION about third parties, products and services:
AMISET websites may contain links to websites of third parties. We accept no responsibility or liability for the content, use or availability of third party websites. Use of those websites is at your own risk. The information on other companys' websites has not been judged and our team cannot promise that it is correct, reasonable, up-to-date or complete.

Use of information:
All intellectual property on AMISET websites, including text, graphics, packaging design, videos or logos, are our exclusive property and cannot be copied, downloaded, simplified or publicised for commercial use without express written permission. You may print or download information for your own personal use.
Changes and adjustments:
AMISET may adjust or change any information on our website(s), including this disclaimer, without any notice. Returning visitors or customers should always check to confirm there have been no unexpected changes or adjustments to products, services or costs.

Applicable law:
AMISET trading or transactional activities generally fall under the rules and laws of the commercial court in The Netherlands. Exceptions to this are possible when the AMISET entity, invoicing and payments occur within a foreign jurisdiction which will be indicated on the contracts, confirmations and correspondence.

Product descriptions:
AMISET develops, markets and sells healthy food and food supplement products to maintain the health of consumers. Health claims are in alignment with European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) advisories and European Union Directives. When AMISET products are sold directly to retail businesses the health claims on the packaging of products supplied will be in accordance with local laws and product licensing regulations for manufacture, marketing and sales. AMISET products are not medicines and not manufactured or marketed to cure patients of any disease.


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